Environmental Policy

We are aware of the fact that our operation has its environmental implications. It is our responsibility and obligation to protect our environment and to seek environmentally friendly solutions in our operation, in compliance with all relevant legislative provisions.


The environmental policy of Dunacell Kft. is built on the following key factors:

  • We obligate our employees to comply with any and all legislative provisions and statutory requirements. We continuously improve the awareness of our employees in relation to environmental issues.
  • As part of our strategy, we aim to more efficiently manage natural resources and to reduce our energy use.
  • Upon planning new investments and developments, we place as much emphasis as possible on both the environmental and work safety aspects; we follow the principle centred around the prevention of emergency situations.
  • We continuously improve the safety of our operation and do our utmost to be prepared to avoid calamities and mitigate any damage which may occur.
  • We continuously monitor our environmental pressure, and we take all necessary steps to eliminate it or – where this is not possible – to reduce it to the minimum.
  • We take measures to ensure that our contractual partners who conduct their activities in the production area comply with the same requirements as we do.
  • We provide information to the public about our activity conducted in environmental issues, and we are engaged in dialogue with the relevant stakeholders.