Safety Policy

The management of Dunacell Dunaújvárosi Cellulózgyár Kft. is well aware of the threats, environmental, health and safety risks of the operating technologies and used materials. By taking the responsibility to the owners, employees, the population of the surrounding settlements and the environment, our management aims to direct the company in line with the following principles:

  • we do everything enabled by our technological and economic possibilities to continuously mitigate the environmental, health and safety risks arising from hazardous materials and technologies;

  • we consider the full conformity with all relevant legal regulations in force at all times as a basic requirement in the purchase, storage, handling and use of hazardous materials and in relation to the operation of high-risk technologies;

  • upon the protection against serious chemical accidents we primarily focus on prevention;

  • we continuously assess potential risks that cannot be prevented in line with the applicable requirements, and arrange for the preventive improvement of the working conditions;

  • we continuously train our employees, raise their awareness with regard to the risks related to their activities, as well as prepare them to be able to act in the event of any accidents or emergencies;

  • we ensure and check that all external companies engaged in any activity in our facilities are aware of and comply with our Safety Policy as a criterion of their employment or contract with our company, meaning that they all meet the conditions of health and safety at work;

  • we keep the technical protection equipment and our employees’ personal protection equipment used for the prevention of accidents and mitigating the consequences of the same in complete and perfect condition; for this purpose, we have strict control mechanisms in place;

  • we ensure the efficient operation of professional activities in the field of health and safety at work, as well as of the interest representation organisation active in the field of safety at work.